Earthen Vessel : Inspirational Prose and Verse

Earthen Vessel : Inspirational Prose and Verse


Patricia H Marino Ph D
Paperback | 102 pages
216 x 279 x 7mm | 349g
Publication date
22 Feb 2018
Xlibris US


With timeless appeal, Earthen Vessel artfully shares powerfully engaging prose and verse. In this emotionally gripping collection of poetry, the reader is ushered through a journey of uniquely charming and soulful depictions from dramatic and rending to subtle and celebratory. Bask in the surprise of stunning blooms from the authors prized gardens that provide a perfect backdrop for each selection. Pause as the author invites you to a tranquil place of personal refl ection through fi ve classic themes: Adoration that arises out of the heart and life of a believer Life emanating with vital connection, discernment, and capacity for growth Lessons showing understanding and appreciation for turning points on the journey of an earthen vessel Love esteemed and valued, then celebrated in the consummation of marital union Legacy shining wisdoms light of appreciation on family forgiveness and well-lived example In other words, Dr. Patricia says, deeply engaging in refl ection can result in insight and understanding so substantive that it brings benefi t also to those around you. May the creativity and passion of Earthen Vessel prove an encouraging and capable treasure to that end.

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